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    West Dakota Kobe specializes in the Natural, Conscientious raising of our very own special brand of American style Kobe beef. Wagyu cattle are world renown for producing prime meat with dense marbling, unique texture, unparalleled tenderness and a mild, subtle flavor: Kobe beef.

    Our Kobe beef hybrids produce an American Kobe beef steak with the perfect marriage of the Wagyu's denser marbling and exceptional tenderness, and the Hereford and Angus' hearty beef flavor that Americans have come to love. All of our Kobe beef is prime, succulent, tender and bursting with flavor in every single bite.

    We never use any steroids or growth hormones in our cattle. All of our cattle are treated with a very special respect that has been passed down through four generations of cattle ranching on our family farm.

    West Dakota Kobe ... Experience the Difference ...

    USDA Inspected
    Beef Innovations Group
    Beef Cheekoff
    Made in the USA
    Pride of Dakota