American Kobe San Antonio Steak

San Antonio Steak

This pleasing steak from West Dakota Kobe is a new and improved cut from the Round. 

Bursting with the highly prized American Kobe beefy flavor, this steak is so many things all wrapped up in one package…it’s perfect as a Swiss steak, we love it for fajitas, and it’s hard to believe when we are playful with marinades.   

**West Dakota Kobe is proud to be one of the very first meat retailers to offer the newest steaks and cuts debuted by the Beef Innovations Group, a part of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association which is funded by the Beef Checkoff.

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4 – 6 oz San Antonio Steaks packaged together — Price $ 21.00


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USDA Inspected
Beef Innovations Group
Beef Cheekoff
Made in the USA
Pride of Dakota